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Tanto Blade

The TANTO® blade is an anatomically optimized pedicle fixation anchor that eliminates biological and clinical risk of using bone cement. Our innovative cementless TANTO® blade is technologically superior to all current fixation concepts and offers unrivaled stability in weak bone against toggling. We determined an increase in toggling resistance compared to pedicle screws with 55%.


Our research has produced innovative technology to improve the pedicle screw using 3D-printing going way beyond surface roughness. We present some of our unique patented design features. The screws can be easily integrated into your product portfolio. You choose which of the features is suited best for your purpose.

THE CLEVER HEAD - Modular Head

Our clever head combines system modularity with temporary locking. The temporary locking can be activated to convert a polyaxial pedicle screw into a monoaxial screw. It can be repeated and works without the rod in place. This simplifies the treatment of fractures and deformities for the surgeon. With a temporarily locked pedicle screw the surgeon has more options and freedom during correction maneuvers in kyphosis, lordosis and derotation compared to uniplanar and monoaxial screws.


The auto-fit Torx yields oblique chamfers inside the Torx, which automatically position the screwdriver orientation during the process of instrument engagement. This unique Torx profile is self-centering and self-orienting for the instruments. It is perfectly suited for minimally-invasive applications and can be applied to all kind of screws, including pedicle screws, regular bone screws or set screws.

About us

We are a young startup company founded on old heads, and we welcome discussion on development cooperation, clinical partnership and financial investment, to accelerate market access of our product concepts and ideas.